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Generate a professional advert

Like a professional car seller, you can now generate a ready to print advert of your vehicle and display it in your car window.
It takes only 2 minutes to generate such an advert, but the chances of a quick sale are greatly increased. See an example of a printed advert!
Oftentimes, sale adverts displayed in car windows look very unprofessional. They may even scare away potential buyers. Of course, you don't need to have graphic designer skills and a sheet of paper and a pen alone can't make wonders. That's where MotoPark comes! We'll facilitate your car sale with a professionally designed advert. 

Generated car advert includes the following:

- general information about a vehicle such as year, mileage, gear box type
- all technical data of a vehicle
- detailed information on car features
- three photographs
- seller's contact details

How to generate such advert? 

Option 1

Everybody who posts an advert on MotoPark can generate printed advert right after posting it. Just go to an offer you placed and click 'Print PDF button' visible under an advert title. You can also go to My Adverts and click 'PDF' button there. This option if free of charge if you place an advert on our website. 

Option 2

This option is for those, who just want to generate a professional PDF advert of their car for sale, without posting it on MotoPark website. Just click 'Sell a car' in the main menu and fill out required fields. Then, choose a ' Printed Offer' option. After the payment of £1.99 is made, your offer is ready to be printed.
We wish you a quick sale!


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