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Pay Road Tax conveniently and fast

Pay your Road Tax conveniently and quickly online by clicking a link to the official government website.

If you prefer you can call us and we'll happily help you in the purchase of Road Tax in the UK. We offer full customer service in Polish. This service will cost you £5.99 + Road Tax price (+ telephone conversation charge as billed by the operator).

Before you call us have some details ready: either reference number which you can find on your Road Tax reminder letter, or VIN number which you can find on page 2 of a Log book.

What is a Road Tax?

To be able legally drive your car on British roads you must purchase a Road Tax. Its price depends on engine capacity or fuel type and CO2 emissions.

For the cars registered before 1st March 2001, Road Tax tariff rate is dependent on engine size of the vehicle. For the cars registered after 1st March 2001, Road Tax tariff depends on fuel type and CO2 emissions. If this information is not available, Road Tax tariff will be calculated by means of old system.


In certain circumstances there is no need to pay Road Tax

If you have a car which isn't in use on roads, you don't need to pay Road Tax. If this is the case, your car has to be registered as SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification).
Register your car as SORN if your car isn't used on roads and is parked:

- in a garage
- in a driveway
- on a private land

Then you are not obliged to pay Road Tax. If you start using your car on roads again, then you have to tax it.

If you had already paid your Road Tax for 6 or 12 months in advance, and then you registered it as SORN, the cost of road Tax for the remaining months will be reimbursed to you.

To register your car as SORN, click here

Cancel Road Tax in the UK and get reimbursed

In order to cancel Road Tax in the UK that has already been paid, you have to notify DVLA that you are no longer in possession of a given vehicle or that it has been registered as SORN. All remaining full months that you have already paid Road Tax for, will be reimbursed to you.

To cancel Road Tax you must notify DVLA that the car:

- has been sold or transferred to someone else - click here
- has been registered as SORN - click here
- has been written off by an insurance company - click here
- has been scrapped at the car scrap yard - click here
- has been stolen - then you will have to apply for reimbursement separately - click here
- has been taken away from Britain - click here
- has been registered as exempt from Road Tax - click here

You can cancel Road Tax only in the above-mentioned circumstances.

What happens next?

After you notify DVLA about what happened with your car, they will cancel your Road Tax.
If you paid your Road Tax by Direct Debit, it will be cancelled automatically.

You will receive a cheque with the reimbursement for all the remaining full months of your Road Tax. Reimbursement will be calculated beginning with the day DVLA receives all the necessary information. A cheque will be issued for a person named in a Log book of a vehicle and sent to the address as seen in Log book.

If you haven't received your cheque within 6 weeks, contact DVLA again. To see full DVLA contact details click here.

Call us and let us do the rest

If you need a professional help in cancelling your Road Tax or in registering your vehicle as SORN call us at 020 7993 5383 and let us do the rest. MotoPark offers full customer service in Polish. This service costs £5.99 + call charge as billed by the operator. 


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