Polish language

Car finance offered by the major Polish Banks
for the Polish community living in the UK


A motor dealer can help their Polish clients wishing to finance their next vehicle 
Even if they have been unsuccessful in meeting the requirements of any lender in the UK 


Your customers could still purchase their next new vehicle from you by applying through the major polish banks.

Last year Polish Banks introduced an offer for the Polish community living and working in the UK. This has massively increased the possibilities of you achieving extra sales or sales that wouldn't have gone through otherwise. Also has increased the chances for your clients dreams to becoming a step further to reality.

We have teamed up with a broker from the UK who deals from the very first step to making sure the funds have cleared in to the clients account.

Services offered by the broker 

- Working with biggest Polish Banks
- Advice and guidance in Polish 
- Application completed and processed
- Working with the client to achieve their goal.


Why use the Polish banks? 

- If your client has been refused by UK lender
- Lack of traceability 
- Poor credit history
- Another opportunity to sell your vehicle 
- Customer feels more comfortable ascertaining their finance thorough the Polish banks 

Come and try us the new alternative way to sell your vehicles even when you thought the chance was beyond and gone there is still a possibility.

This amazing offer only applies to the Polish community living in the UK.


How the dealer can see if their client is eligible 

A few simple and easy steps just click the tab below to start the process this will show what is requirement from the Polish banks than let us do the rest.

Our commitment 

Moto Park responsibilities are to introduce you the dealer and your Polish client to our broker who will assist you in achieving sales and most importantly making your customers dreams come true.


Initial verification - Please, fill out the fields below:

Form of employment

  • Employed from:

Monthly income

Credit history in Poland

Additional information

  • I have an ID

  • Your age

  • Marital status

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