Polish language

Company Profile 

Motopark is United Kingdom's First and Largest Polish Motor Industry Marketing Tool. 

Our vast experience in the automotive industry using our expertise and working within the Polish community Moto Park is increasingly becoming popular with our unique clientele. 

This distinctive website is bringing attraction from customers who are looking to move and settle down in the UK. Our intensive marketing campaigns are rapidly becoming a huge success in the Polish community.

Difference Between Moto Park v Rest

Why our unique clientele keep returning onto our website. 
Market knowledge and requirements from the Polish community Moto Park was created.

The services we offer our/your potential customers:
  • Buy and Sell 
  • Cars, Vans and Motorbikes 
  • Advice and Guidance 
  • Building confidence for your unique customer to purchase their new vehicle on finance 
  • Assisting them through the buying process
  • Our customer relationship team working with motor dealer and client making sure a smooth transaction is completed
  • News feeds keeping you updated on the automotive world
  • Assisting in purchasing road fund licence, car insurance or simply just advising in Polish on how to exchange their driving licence from EU to UK

Due to success and guidance to the Polish community we have caught the eye of major companies in the motor industry and other large organisations from across the country as they have seen the opportunity for huge revenue growths and satisfying their customer needs.


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